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Backup Generators


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Cost effective backup power for business.

Generac makes it easy and cost effective to customize the exact backup power system your business requires. These generators often pay for themselves in one power outage, easily backing up a wide range of applications. Backup your large home or business and everything in between.

  • Commercial Series 22-150 kW: Capable of providing full power protection for large homes and commercial applications from gas stations and convenience stores to restaurants, schools, assisted living centers, and municipal buildings.
  • Commercial Series 50 Hz: This powerful unit is capable of providing full power protection for commercial applications-from gas stations and small stores to restaurants, schools, and municipal buildings.


Critical power applications are part of every industry; protecting them starts with reliable KOHLER generators, available in diesel, gas and LP configurations. Kohler's EPA-compliant diesel models deliver dependable power to a wide range of output requirements. From small-load residential and business to heavy industry, every KOHLER generator is engineered to provide maximum power, performance, flexibility and fuel efficiency.

Packed with power, engineered for total performance

The IndoorGenerator is for people:
  • Who experience power surges & spikes too often and extended outages.
  • In professions that require back-up power for certification/ insurance reasons.
  • In Home Owners Associations, Condos, Hi-rises or where gas generators are not allowed or safe to use.
  • With highly valuable medical and computer equipment.

The Unit comes charged. The charge is stored in a bank of batteries, and available for immediate and easy use when you need it. Everything plugged into the unit's outlets will be powered upon loss of power.

New Demo IndoorGenerator - features & specs:

  • 1 Optima gel battery 75Ah* or 1 lead acid 105Ah DP
  • 1000W Cont. output, 2000W surge
  • 2 (15A) GFI Outlets
  • AC Charger for Utility Recharge.
  • Automatic/ Instant transfer of power.
  • Easily visible/ readable Status Display shown below.
  • Portable footlocker style cabinet on wheels and telescoping handle for easy movement, with handles on both sides. New!
  • Combination locks. New!
  • Optional: Solar trickle charger/ solar charger - ask about the 30% tax credit!


1/5 to ½ HP Sump Pump Unit

  • 1500W Cont. Output, Modified Sine Wave, UL
  • 30A Instant / Automatic transfer
  • 6A Digital Float Maintainer/ Charger
  • External Status Display
  • Can be Plug & Play or Hard-Wired to a Panel*
  • DC & AC protection
  • 4 outlet output w/ 15A breakered protection
  • 3 Group 27, (117 A Hr batteries)
  • Dimensions: 24H x 24 x 16
  • Mill Finish Aluminum, Powder Coating Available at extra cost.
  • Tubular welded construction.
  • Easy installation and service via Removable Top & Removable Front.
  • All wires & cables pre-hung - ready for install.
  • On 4 heavy-duty casters.

Survival Systems- No Gas! No Noise! No Fumes! Indoor use Generator
  • 3000W Continuous Output MSW (or 1500W PSW)
  • 6000W Surge Start (or 3000W PSW SS)
  • 8 Group 31 batteries 12000W of Stored Power
  • 30A transfer switch
  • 15A wall AC charger
  • 30A solar charger
  • Automatic/ Instant Transfer of power
  • External IndoorGenerator Status Display
  • 8 breaker 15A outlets or 4(15A) 2(20A)
  • ETL/UL
  • Plug N Play or Hard wired to panel.
  • Available in light wood or aluminum (mill finish or white)
  • Example of Dimensions: 32 x 16D x 36H


SURVIVAL SYSTEMS - backup power for Water Pumps

  • 5000W Continuous Output MSW - 120 VAC. (for 240 VAC add $250)
  • 10,000W Surge Start
  • 8 Group 31 batteries 12000W of Stored Power
  • 50A transfer switch
  • 15A wall AC charger
  • 60A solar charger
  • Full AC DC Protection
  • 24 VDC system
  • Automatic/ Instant Transfer of power
  • Status Display (water resistant window)
  • 8 breaker 15A outlets or 4(15A) 2(20A)
  • Plug N Play or hard wired to panel.
  • Available in light wood or aluminum (mill finish)
  • Example of Dimensions: 32 x 16D x 36H