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Fire Control Panels

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Alarm Control Panel w/ Digital Alarm Communicator/ Transmitter - MS-9050UD

Suited for stand-alone applications, the MS-9050UD is ideal for smaller facilities such as apartment complexes, banks, cinemas, child care and elementary schools, department stores, food stores, places of worship, restaurants, small retail outlet stores, and other facilities requiring performance-based, sophisticated technology at reasonable cost.

50-Point Intelligent Control Overview


 MS-9050UD User Guide
 MS-9050UD Data Sheet
 MS-9050UD Manual


Intelligent Addressable FACP with Built in Communicator - MS-9200UDLS

The new LS model features Fire-Lite's new fast Litespeed polling protocol. Not only does it poll 10 devices at a time, it permits the use of standard unshielded fire wire. The MS-9200UDLS is ideal for commercial, industrial, manufacturing, office buildings, schools, strip malls and other facilities requiring performance-based, sophisticated technology at reasonable cost.

198-Point Intelligent Control 



Intelligent Addressable FACP with Optional 2nd Loop - MS9600UDLS

318 Point Expandable Addressable FACP w DACT

SLC-2LS 318 Point SLC Expander Module



8 Amp FA Power Supply - HPFF8

The Honeywell HPFF8 and HPFF8CM are Notification Appliance Circuit (NAC) Expander Power Supplies designed to extend the power capabilities of existing NACs and provide power for auxiliary devices. The HPFF8 and HPFF8CM connects to any 12 or 24V Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP) or stand alone.

 Data Sheet


5 Zone Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panel with 3 amp power supply - MS-5UD-3

10 Zone Conventional Fire Control Panel with 7 amp power supply - MS-5UD-7

MS-5UD-3 5-Zone Fire Alarm Control Panel / UL Listed Panel / Ideal for Small Applications

The new Fire-Lite MS-5UD-3 and MS-5UD-7 5 & 10 zone conventional fire control panels have features normally found in more expensive addressable systems.

  MS-5UD & 10UD Data Sheet
 MS-5UD & 10UD Manual


80 Character LCD Serial Annunciator - ANN-80-R
For a white ANN-80-W click here

The ANN-80 annunciator is a compact, backlit, 80-character LCD fire annunciator that mimics the Fire Alarm Control Panel display. It provides system status indicators for AC Power, Alarm, Trouble, Supervisory, and Alarm Silenced conditions. The ANN-80 and the FACP communicate over a two-wire serial interface employing the ANN-BUS communication format. Connected devices are powered, via two additional wires, by either the host FACP or a remote UL-listed, filtered power supply. 



      Data Sheet 



IP Alarm Communicator - IPDACT-2UD 

Internet Communicator with upload download capability. Requires compatible FL panel equipped with on-board or optional DACT.


 User Guide


Optional transformer - XRM-24BE

Increases system power output to 6.0 amps

 User Guide

Class A Converter Module - CAC-5X
Master Box Module & Accessories - 4XTMF

Remote Station Output or Municipal Box Connection, 24VDC