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Earth Day 11

Earth Day Week Specials

Earth Day is Friday the 22nd.  Forty years after the first Earth Day, the world is in greater peril than ever. It also presents the greatest opportunity -- an unprecedented opportunity to build a healthy, prosperous, clean energy economy now and for the future.     

The Earth Day Network is gathering pledges for "A Billion Acts of Green" worldwide. They give you a drop-down menu of small things you can do, when added up, which will make a HUGE difference when multiplied by a billion. While each act is small (i.e.: change out light bulbs, not use pesticides) each can help reshape energy use across the globe.

Here at Munro we believe in BIG energy changes that can be implemented quickly.   Here are few examples below. 

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Phillips EnduraLED 12 Watt 2700K Dimmable A19 LED Lamp

12.5 Watt A19 - is the first 60W incandescent equivalent A19 LED bulb to be ENERGY STAR® Qualified

Philips EnduraLED A19 Dimmable LED Lamps provide smooth dimming with less energy. The long life properties eliminate the hassle of repeated relamping in busy areas. Instant-on light; emits virtually no UV/IR light in the beam; 25,000 hour rated average life. Has a warm white 2700K color temperature. Contains no mercury. Mimics light profile of a standard incandescent A19 lamp. The yellow color of the remote phosphors disappears when this product is turned on.

PHI 12A19/END/800LM/2700/120V/DIMM 12W MED BASE 2700K A19 LED


NOVITAS Super switch White Motion Sensor
Auto Self Adjust Dual Wall Switch


Solar Powered Attic Fans for Commercial and Residential 

Attic Breeze offers the ideal ventilation solution for any application. Manufactured using only the highest quality parts and materials, Attic Breeze products are designed to consistently deliver the quality performance you expect.  Our proprietary UltraFlō design technology produces up to 1550 CFM of airflow for The Zephyrseries residential products, keeping your home cool and reducing energy consumption. 

The Grande series, our commercial line of solar powered ventilation products, delivers a powerful 1800 CFM of airflow, the best performance of any solar powered ventilation product in the industry!  Available in a variety of color choices, roof flashings, and solar panel mounting options, Attic Breeze has an environmentally friendly solution for all of your ventilation needs.


Warehouse Ventilation

Total Home Energy Management

Energy management devices help keep track of how much energy a facility is using, gives insight to where the energy is being used (and wasted) and allow you to take action to reduce energy usage. Measuring your energy use will allow to make the necessary changes to reduce energy consumption in your facility and will allow you to track your carbon footprint.




Leviton 9863-OCC 13-Watt Compact Fluorescent Lamp holder with Automatic Occupancy Sensor & Clear Lamp Guard, White - Turns Lights ON/OFF Automatically - One of the lowest price occupant sensors on the market! 65w for only 13w! Quantity discounts available. 
  • Installs in closets, garages, basements, utility rooms & attics
  • Suitable for indoor use only
  • Occupancy Sensor Bi-Pin Compact Fluorescent Lampholder
  • Automatic ON/OFF - no wall switch required
  • Remote functionality with Vizia + Remote (VP0SR-10)
  • Built of tough thermoplastic twist-off lamp guard
  • Pigtail leads provide easy installation
  • Backed by a Limited Two-Year Warranty on Lamp holder & Guard


Plug load controls - Wattstopper IDP-3050 - Isolé is the ideal energy saving product for offices, schools, and home use. For locations where users would choose a multi-receptacle surge suppressor, an Isolé unit offers a better solution fit.

The Isolé IDP-3050 is an 8 receptacle surge suppressor with an occupancy sensor that controls six of the eight receptacles. The surge suppressor has a lifetime warranty and a $25,000 connected equipment warranty.