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Fluorescent retrofit kits


We carry the most cost effective & efficient Fluorescent retrofit kits from Envirobrite and Leviton


Leviton Energy- Efficient Fluorescent Ceiling Lampholder - Turns Lights ON/OFF Automatically. Leviton has expanded its line of Compact Fluorescent Ceiling Lampholders for closets and closed spaces to include this occupancy sensor version. Fluorescent lighting is the energy-efficient alternative to incandescent fixtures.

Features and Benefits:

  • 13W GU24 Squat Base Lamp
  • Occupancy Sensor Bi-Pin Compact Fluorescent Lampholder
  • Automatic ON/OFF - no wall switch required
  • 284˚ Field of view
  • Remote functionality with Vizia + Remote (VP0SR-10)
  • Built of tough thermoplastic
  • Polycarbonate twist-off lamp guard
  • Pigtail leads provide easy installation
  • Four knockout holes on box to position for maximum coverage
  • Thread-cutting screws facilitate installation of lamp guard
  • Backed by a Limited Two-Year Warranty on Lampholder and Guard

The top retrofit kits in the industry, the Envirobrite
2x4 Troffer retro fit kit features ideal optics, efficient
design, and a universal fit. RiteFit's smart designs deliver superior lighting with easy installation. RiteFit kits are perfect for municipalites, office spaces, classrooms, hospitals, and many other commercial locations. Proudly Designed & Made in the USA
        -Spec Sheet

Description - Envirobrite's RTR Troffer Reflector kits dramatically enhance existing fixture efficiencies creating substantial energy savings with excellent return on investment. All Envirobriter kits have four different specialized material options which offer various light distributions with minimal up-front investments. These kits, in conjunction with numerous ballast and lamp configurations, can easily produce ideal IES recommended light levels with minimized energy consumption. Envirobriter kits will continue to provide consistent fixture performance and repeat annual energy savings for up to 25 years.

Application - Since 1994, millions of 2x4 lensed troffers and 18 cell parabolic louvers have been successfully de-lamped with Envirobriter troffer kits. These kits are recognized worldwide as the industry leading retrofit kit for the majority of all commercial 2x4 fixtures. It's ideal optics, universal fit configuration and flexible stamped bracketing system allows proper fit in office spaces, classrooms, hospitals, and many other commercial locations.

Design - Envirobriter kits are designed by our expert in house lighting engineers for ideal photometry and trouble-free installation. Every Envirobrite kit is designed to meet UL 1570 specifications for safety. Integral to ideal kit functionality is the combination of our bracketing system which centers the lamps specifically to the optics of the reflector design. Envirobriter reflectors are fabricated with Energy Planning Associates custom-made multi-stage progressive roll forming machinery. Our unique high speed equipment consistently produces multi-faceted linear fluorescent reflectors within precise quality tolerance. Our process enables us to add additional facets for superior reflector performance significantly reducing production cost and improving lead times. Our rigid, light weight bracketing systems are produced with custom designed stamping dies and are very easy to install.

Primary Features & Benefits

  • Utility rebate friendly throughout the U.S.
  • Qualifies for maximum $.60 square foot EPACT tax deduction
  • 25 facet optical design for maximum performance
  • Significant reduction in maintenance costs
  • Superior lighting directly to the work plane
  • Reinforced multi function universal bracketing system
  • Flexibility for tandem wiring applications
  • Aluminum components generate a rust-free approach to less maintenance and lasting appeal