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High Bay Lighting
 High Bay Lighting at Wholesale Prices

We carry the most cost effective & efficient High Bay Lighting

  • Designed to illuminate areas with ceiling heights over 20 feet
  • Very effective for large warehouses, gymnasiums, manufacturing facilities, and other similar indoor venues
  • Several different bulbs can be used with high bay lighting depending on several factors, including the environment the high bay lighting will be exposed to
EcoLyte Series high performance fluorescent high/low bay luminaire- The EcoLyte(ECO) Series has been developed as an energy efficient alternative to HID lighting systems. This series utilizes "High Intensity Fluorescent" technology to dramatically reduce energy consumption, improve quality of light, provide instant-on operation and offers many switching and sensor options.

Applications for this type of product are typically interior spaces with high mounting heights where high lumen output is required.

  • Retail - "Big Box" - Distribution Centers and Warehouses
  • Industrial, Commercial and Manufacturing Areas
  • School Gymnasiums, Auditoriums, Convention Centers
  • Ice Rinks and Indoor Courts



Spec Sheet

Stonco T-Bay II 4-Light T5HO/T8

  • Precision die-formed 22GA steel housing.
  • Architectural post painted finish eliminates exposed edges for safe handling.
  • Beveled Miro 4 reflector surrounds each lamp for optimum efficiency.
  • Hinged reflector panel/access door.
  • Accepts stem, pendant, chain or cable mounting.
  • Instant-on.
  • Low profile.
  • Top access plate located at each end.
  • T8 units provided with 1.18 ballast factor instant start electronic ballast.
  • T5HO units provided with 1.0 ballast factor programmed rapid start electronic ballast.



Spec Sheet