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Heat Seeker Infrared Camera
Ideal 61-844 Heat Seeker Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera
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Troubleshoot & identify potential electrical problems before they happen with the IDEAL 61-844 HeatSeeker Infrared Thermal Imager. The Ideal 61-844 Heat Seeker utilizes dual cursors that instantly pinpoint the hottest and coldest temperatures on screen.  With the ability to overlay a thermal image on top of a digital image for easy on the job diagnostics and decision making. Easy set up and operation make it a cost effective tool for electrical service and industrial maintenance.

 Electrical Safety

  • Identifies overloaded circuits, loose/corroded connections
    and failing breakers in electrical panels
  • Identifies blown fuses, overloads, phase imbalance and harmonics problems
  • Identifies hot spots from high resistance connections

 Preventive Maintenance

  • Identifies equipment efficiencies/inefficiencies
  • Applications include motors, pumps, boilers, radiators, heaters,
    chillers & transformers

 Ideal Heat Seeker 61-844 Features:  Blended overlay of thermal & digital image

  • Hottest coldest temperatures displayed instantly on live screen
  • 1,849 temperature measurements live on camera screen
  • Class II Laser Pointer
  • Built in LED illuminator for brighter digital images
  • High & low temperature alarms
  • Mark images with text & voice annotation
  • Temperature range of 14° F to 660° F
  • Adjustable emissivity for maximum accuracy
  • Accuracy of +/- 2% or +/- 4° F
  • 6 hour battery life/2 year warranty/Tripod mountable/Carrying case included