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Raychem QuickNet Floor Heating Systems


With the Raychem QuickNet electric floor heating system, we're putting slippers out of business. Simply install the QuickNet
heating cable between the ceramic tile or natural stone and the subfloor and enjoy true warmth and comfort in your own home.

What is QuickNet?

Raychem QuickNet is an electric floor heating system for installation directly under ceramic tiles or natural stone. It provides ideal comfort heating in your bathroom, kitchen, entryway or other tiled areas. QuickNet's compatibility with all standard subflooring
materials and its low 3/16 inch (3 mm) profile, make it ideal for renovation as well.

 Improve your comfort and save on heating costs

Heating cost is a significant part of the household budget.  By installing a floor heating system, you turn
a small investment into real cost-savings. With QuickNet, you can lower the room temperature by a few degrees and enjoy the same level of comfort as a warmer room without floor heating.

The QuickNet advantages:

  • Can be customized at job site to fit heated area
  • Ideal for renovation
  • Low profile installation - only 3/16 inch thick
  • Adhesive backing for ease of installation
  • Includes programmable thermostat
  • Dual conductor heating cable allows for only one cold lead connection
  • Built- in ground-fault protection (GFCI)
  • Compatible with all standard subflooring materials
  • No measurable electromagnetic fields
  • Long life and maintenance free

The QuickNet floor heating system includes a blue heating cable woven into an adhesive-backed red fiberglass mesh that allows for simple roll-out installation without worrying about heating cable spacing.

The floor heating mats are pre- terminated for use with 120, 208 and 240 volts and are available in various lengths of 20 inch widths. The mats emit no measurable electromagnetic fields due to the shielded dual conductor design and require only one cold lead connection, making it easy to layout and install.


The QuickNet-Check monitor is used to verify the continuity of the QuickNet heating cable and the integrity of its outer jacket during the installation process. The monitor connects to the cold leads of the cable and,
if the heating cable is damaged, the alarm on the monitor will sound. The monitor can also be re-used for subsequent installations and to help troubleshoot any problems that may arise.


Installation is easy and simple

1. Roll out QuickNet mat
2. Apply leveling coat
3. Install tile
4. Apply grout

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