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Recycling Services

We now offer pre-paid recycling containers for lamps, batteries, ballasts and mercury devices. These contain mercury, lead and PCBs which enter our foods.  Since January 2000 it is now federal law that non-residential facilities have to properly dispose of their fluorescent lamps due to the huge amount of mercury waste.
We are partnered with one of the most technologically advanced recycling centers in the country, conveniently located in Fall River, Mass. They demanufacture mercury infused lamps & recycle 100% of the end products to make new lamps. These programs create American jobs and is fueled by American innovation.  No product is shipped to China or overseas.   Click here for more info
  • hotels
  • housing
  • retail
  • warehouses
  • commercial
  • condos
  • institutional

It's easy to comply with today's regulations because we provide everything you need in one simple package that comes complete with "certificates of reclamation" as proof of recycling, in accordance with applicable Federal regulations 40 CFR.

We offer easily re-orderable packaging supplies for: 

  • 4' and 8' Fluorescent Bulbs
  • U-tubes, Compacts & Circlines
  • Ballasts
  • Mercury Vapor
  • High Intensity Discharge Lamps
  • High Pressure Sodium
  • Mercury Device (thermostats, switches, etc.) 
  • We also offer pallet sized containers for large volumes.
  • Our prices are so low we can't advertise them online!  Please email to get a quote.


Mercury-Containing Light Bulb (Lamp) Basic Information

Lamp Recycling Step by Step Guide (Written for Hospitals but it's the same for any facility)