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Pre-Rinse Spray Valves
We carry proven water saving Spray Valves from Bricor, Fisher and T&S Brass that improve water efficiency and reduce water consumption!  How Can We Help?

Bricor Pre-Rinse Spray Valve

  • 0.6 gpm @ 60 psi
  • Too powerful a stream to compare to a showerhead!

Fisher Pre-Rinse Spray Valve


T&S Brass Pre-Rinse Spray Valve

  • Newly designed with 1.42 gpm - EPAct 2005 Compliant
  • New spray pattern provides low flow with effective cleaning
  • Spray face displays "EPAct 2005 Compliant" for customer assurance
  • Testing for the ASTM* F2324 standard proves effectiveness
  • Connects directly to T&S flexible stainless steel hose or handle assembly
  • Designed for heavy use in industrial kitchens
  • Shuts off when handle is released