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Stelpro Heaters

A North American manufacturer of quality electrical heating products for over 30 years.

Providing your home's heating with productive merchandise.

120V Baseboard Heaters

Designed for safety, comfort and performance, the Stelpro baseboard heater has brought a new dimension to the electrical heating world as we know it. By virtue of its unique design, safety is no longer compromised with this state-of-the-art heater. Sharp edges have been eliminated and replaced by soft, aesthetically rounded, durable steel end caps. Standard white and almond colors, with baked enamel finish, blend in harmoniously with any decor.

240V Baseboard Heaters

Inspired by their highly successful SIL series electronic convector, this newly evolved, compact heater is an engineering marvel. With its contemporary design and innovative look, this heater is now the smallest of its peers. The body of this product is fabricated from one piece of metal, thus eliminating conspicuous end caps, in addition to expansion and contraction noises.

Baseboard Accessories

Built-in thermostat accessory for your Electrical Baseboard Heaters above! Available in single pole or double pole in White or Almond.

Kick-Space Heater

More and more, open-concept living is what people are looking for in their new homes and even in their old homes. The walls are coming down and being replaced by bright, wide-open spaces. Where do we put the heaters, you ask? The answer is the Kick-Space. The Kick-Space Heater sneaks under kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities and even into stair risers. Comfortable, forced-air heating from a most unexpected source.

FUHGX5T Unit Heater

Great for dairies and animal shelters. The FUHGX5T has been designed and built in accordance with the highest of standards regarding the installation of farm heaters. All aspects of its construction contribute to its high level of safety. It can be easily installed in corrosive and dusty spaces.

RUH Unit Heater

The RUH unit heater is small on price but big on heat. Available in sizes up to 5 kW at 240 V, it's the perfect choice to heat garages, workshops or even construction shacks. These heavy-duty units are well suited for situations where large amounts of heat must be provided. Quiet, lightweight and easy-to-install with a universal wall or ceiling mounting bracket, this unit heater is everything you expected for less.

SHU Unit Heater

With a robust and easy-to-install unit, the SHU industrial unit heater is perfect for heating large spaces like garages, warehouses and commercial buildings. It is offered in 3 different types of cabinets, ranging from 2 kW of power, up to 60 kW.

UH Unit Heater

Another heavy-duty construction heater offered by Stelpro, the UH unit heater is engineered to heat large commercial spaces including factories, warehouses, and underground parking garages. Available in 3 different cabinet sizes and a wide array of wattages from 2 kW to 60 kW, the UH unit heater provides horizontal air discharge and offers several control options. Thanks to its enclosed, steel-sheathed tubular element, heavy-duty motor, and rugged cabinet, this unit heater stands up to wear and tear.

RWF Wall Heater
You are looking for a small, quiet and efficient forced-air unit that will perfectly blend with your decor? The Pulsair is the answer! This fan heater stands apart from its competitors thanks to its low sound level, high quality parts, small size and many installation options. Since the RWF is only 2 3/8 in. deep, it is the ideal solution for hard-to-heat locations. Offered in different models with two ventilation levels (40 or 75 cfm), it is the perfect choice to quickly heat small rooms like bathrooms, kitchens and halls. In addition, its efficient fan creates a constant air movement that ensures your absolute comfort. This unit is also perfect for commercial buildings as it can be connected to a 347 V circuit. The Pulsair is a little-known gem which you could no longer live without!

WF Wall Heater

Because it is the most versatile forced-air heater of its kind, you can always rely on the WF wall fan heater to provide for quick heat loss recovery. It is the ideal choice for commercial buildings, hallways and lobbies that require high heating capacity. Available in a variety of wattages and voltages, the WF heater is an efficient heating solution that won't break your budget.