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Unirac's SunFrame system leads the PV market with its superior aesthetics. Its sleek design is engineered to sit low to the roof without gaps and implements shared rails for the best value. SunFrame is also the choice of solar experts as an optimal solution for custom carport structures.

Complete data sheet & material specifications 

A low profile makes SunFrame suitable for any application                                                    Mount SunFrame vertically for a triple benefit: Cladding shades and cools your building, produces PV power, and looks great.


Low and clean lines give SunFrame two advantages. The finished array stands off the roof just enough for cooling air flow to optimize module performance and all modules sit in low, gap-free rows without protrusions from the sides of the array.

© 2007, courtesy of Kyocera Solar Inc. Kyocera's award-winning Solar Grove carports used SunFrame to mount a total of 1,400 Kyocera modules and 200 custom-manufactured, light-filtering PV modules over their employee parking lot in San Diego.


Superior aesthetics

  • Modules are flush mounted in low-gap-free rows
  • Visible components match clear or dark module frames
  • End caps cover rail cross-section
  • Optimized module performance, system spacing allows convection cooling

Ease of installation (flexible)

  • Installer-friendly components (manage modules hands-free)
  • Minimized penetration with longer attachment spans than competitive products
  • Designed with customer input

Complete technical support

  • Installation and code compliance documentation
  • Downloadable estimator
  • Person-to-person customer service