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Watt Stopper

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Plug load controls - Wattstopper IDP-3050 - Isolé is the ideal energy saving product for offices, schools, and home use. For locations where users would choose a multi-receptacle surge suppressor, an Isolé unit offers a better solution fit.

The Isolé IDP-3050 is an 8 receptacle surge suppressor with an occupancy sensor that controls six of the eight receptacles. The surge suppressor has a lifetime warranty and a $25,000 connected equipment warranty.

  • Key Features: Saves energy by controlling desktop equipment
  • 8 outlet power strip w/ surge suppression & a personal occupancy sensor
  • 6 outlets on the power strip are controlled by occupancy; 2 outlets uncontrolled
  • Volume discounts available


Spec Sheet 

Case Study 3Comm

LEED Gold Building Case Study

Adobe System saves $15,000 in 1 month