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Attic Breeze

Residential and Commercial Ventilation

Attic Breeze offers the ideal ventilation solution for any application. Manufactured using only the highest quality parts and materials, Attic Breeze products are designed to consistently deliver the quality performance you expect. Our proprietary UltraFlō design technology produces up to 1550 CFM of airflow for The Zephyrseries residential products, keeping your home cool and reducing energy consumption. 

The Grande series, our commercial line of solar powered ventilation products, delivers a powerful 1800 CFM of airflow, the best performance of any solar powered ventilation product in the industry!  Available in a variety of color choices, roof flashings, and solar panel mounting options, Attic Breeze has an environmentally friendly solution for all of your ventilation needs.



Radiant heat and moisture build up are an attic's worst enemy, working together to cause a variety of problems for your home.  In many cases passive ventilation is simply inadequate in controlling these elements, resulting in high electricity bills and accelerated deterioration of building materials over time. 

By increasing airflow through the attic, more heat is actively removed thus lowering the attic temperature.  Minimizing attic temperatures will increase the overall efficiency of your attic insulation and reduce the amount of heat transferred into your home.  The result is a more comfortable home which requires less energy to cool.


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