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Destratification Fans

The stylish and effective destratification fan - variable speed controllable, ZOO Fans gently bring warm air down from ceilings in cold weather and mix cold, conditioned air in warm weather - for improved creature comfort and lower operating costs. ZOO Fans can lower your energy consumption by 30% or more, as well as reducing ongoing equipment maintenance and replacement costs. That means less carbon for the planet and quick payback for you.

  • Designed for up to 30' ceiling height
  • Proprietary axial fan design with seven curved serrated blades with winglets
  • 0 - 670 CFM
  • 0.44 Amp - 46W
  • 1590 RPM
  • For sound data, please see Specification Sheet
  • Variable Speed
  • Fire-Resistant, UV-treated PC ABS plastic housing

AirMotion Next Generation HVLS Fans (US Patent No. 8,066,480) are available in 9 ft, 12 ft, and 15 ft in diameter, and packed with the smartest features in the big fan industry to provide a complete and more effective air movement and mixing than the old generation larger HVLS fans. It doesn't need to be so big if it's smart.


  • Variable Pitch Technology - Lets you control the direction and reach of the air movement
  • Rotatair Composite Blades - Equally effective in moving air up or down
  • Multimode Smart Control - For manual to fully automatic fan operation
  • Innovative Fan Sizes - Fits any applications where space is tight