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Electrically Commutated Motors
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Century, formerly A. O. Smith EPC  has expanded the iMotor® line of electronically commutated motor (ECM) products. iMotor's breakthrough motor design now has eight new motors to enhance the collection, all of them offering significant energy savings for the refrigeration market.

These high efficient iMotors allow busy commercial refrigeration contractors to save valuable time and money, while adding versatility to their replacement evaporator and condenser fan motor inventories. Use of an ECM design allows the motor to deliver more power with a lower amp draw. The iMotor refrigeration motor also uses less wattage to achieve the same airflow as a shaded pole motor, so it produces less heat, and cooler operation results in fewer failures.  Fewer BTU's in the system means less work for the compressor and reduced compressor wear for even greater savings.



Genteq sets the standard for developing innovative, high-efficiency motors and other control equipment for heating and cooling systems. Genteq products are found in premier heating and cooling equipment worldwide.

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For over 60 years, Morrill Motors Inc. has led the way in Commercial Refrigeration.   Whether it's supermarket display cases, beverage and food dispensers, or even medical equipment, Morrill Motors Inc. can provide a customized, integrated cooling package for any refrigeration need.

  • ICE 59
  • ICE 142
  • ARKTIC 59 1/10 HP
  • ARKTIC 59 1/20HP
  • ARKTIC 142

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     Electric Motors & Specialties, Inc. are experts in the design, manufacture, and application of unit bearing fan motors. These motors are suitable for a wide range of fan applications where quiet operation and long life are a priority.

Electric Motors & Specialties, Inc. has specialized in supplying quality fan motors, fans, agitator motors, and accessories to original equipment manufacturers in the domestic and commercial refrigeration industry for over 55 years. The standard product line includes shaded pole motors from 2 - 75 watts output, and PSC motors from 2 - 16 watts, along with other specialty motors and a line of fans and mounting brackets.

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