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Customer Success Stories

Munro Distributing has supplied enough energy efficient lamps & controls to contractors, ESCOs, utility companies, municipalities and government agencies to enable them to retrofit over 800 million sqft of building space since 1988.  Click here to learn more about a particular project or to discover how we can assist you in your lighting needs. 

Stoughton, MA - Boston Interiors selected OSRAM SYLVANIA's ULTRA High Performance Series PAR38 LED retrofit lamps to replace the existing 60-watt halogen lamps throughout the store.  As a result of the retrofit to LED lighting, Boston Interiors will save over $8,000 annually in energy and maintenance costs at its Stoughton store. Over the lifetime of the lamps, the savings will total nearly $100,000 over approximately 12 years. In addition to the energy and maintenance savings, Boston Interiors has also noticed savings in cooling the Stoughton store. Because OSRAM SYLVANIA's LED lamps produce far less heat than halogen lamps, Boston Interiors has not needed to rely on its HVAC system quite as much since the LED lighting was installed. 

In addition to cost savings, the LED lighting has enabled Boston Interiors to reduce its carbon footprint, as the company is committed to green initiatives. The retrofit is a major contributor in helping reduce the store's energy consumption by 48,315 kilowatt hours (kWh), the equivalent of 74,163 Pounds of Carbon Dioxide (CO2). With the success of this installation, Boston Interiors is now planning to retrofit its Hanover and Saugus stores in the coming months, further expanding its cost and environmental savings across multiple store locations.


Lexington, KY - Munro Distributing is supplying Ameresco with data loggers to complete an energy efficient retrofit at the University of Kentucky.  When UK's $25 million Energy Savings Project is completed next November, UK will have a dramatically smaller carbon footprint, and an annual emissions reduction of about 23,291 tons of CO2. That is roughly the equivalent of taking 45,755 cars off the road or planting 62,257 acres of trees or powering 5,251 homes -- each and every year. In addition, about 13,987,779 kilowatt hours and 37,673,020 gallons of water will be saved. Click here to read more.  

New Bedford, MA - Munro Distributing and Constellation Energy completed a retrofit project at Bristol Community College in New Bedford, Massachusetts. This comprehensive energy retrofit project was named Best in New England by the Association of Energy Engineers. The project included energy and water saving performance, lighting and lighting control retrofits, central building energy management systems and boiler controls.  BCC is expected to save $441,791 annually.  Click here fore more details.

Vernon, CT - By using Induction Lighting and Occupancy Sensors, supplied by Munro Conservation Group, the Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund and CL&P helped one McDonald's restaurant:  Click here for case study       
  • Save approximately $8,917 and 67,048 kilowatt-hours annually.
  • Defray their investment with a $16,769 incentive.
  • Achieve a lifetime savings of over 821,653 kilowatt-hours. 


Farmington, CT - Munro Conservation Group supplied the upgrades for the 200 HID high-pressure sodium fixtures in the World FulFillment LLC warehouse, which used 400-watt lamps, with 213 high-bay fluorescent units, each equipped with four energy-efficient 55-watt T5 lamps. Some 41 occupancy sensors, which turn off lights when they aren't needed, were also installed in the warehouse, substantially reducing energy consumption in less-used parts of the facility. Click here for case study

Boston, MA - The TD Banknorth Garden is undergoing an energy efficient retro thanks to AECOM and Munro Conservation. We supplied $70,000 of Sylvania products and Envirobright's retrofit kits.  The Garden is the home of the Boston Bruins, Celtics, and a major concert venue.

Key West, FL - Our Conservation Group is currently supplying over $400,000 of energy efficient lighting products to NORESCO to support their lighting retro-fit program at the Key West Naval Air Station base.  The products include Universal & Sylvania ballasts, the latest fixtures from Cooper Lighting and Renova plus Advanced transformers.

Kingston, RI - We have been supplying NORESCO the latest energy efficient lamps and controls to upgrade the University of RI's academic buildings, residence halls, athletic complex and dorms.  This is part of our ongoing support of educational institutions.  We have supplied and designed energy efficient lighting solutions for dozens of educational facilities.

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  • We work with HEI to ensure the following properties have the latest energy efficient lighting & controls    
  • Holiday Inn ($180,000)- multiple locations 
  • Embassy Suites ($200,000) - multiple locations 
  • Marriott Hotels & Resorts ($250,000) - multiple locations
  • Sheraton Hotels & Resorts ($210,000) - multiple locations