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Be Prepared for Sandy - Generators on Sale
 Milbank Generators, Be Prepared for the Storm
Sandy's Coming...Are you ready?  

Life, interrupted.

A freezer full of steaks and ice cream in the garbage. A refrigerator full of food and drinks down the drain. No computer. No TV. No alarm system. No lights, inside or out. It's life, interrupted. It's inconvenient, expensive, uncomfortable, and most importantly, may compromise your family's safety.

Life, uninterrupted.

A home standby generator offers life, uninterrupted. A standby generator offers continuous, uninterrupted power in the event of an outage. The result: continuous comfort, convenience and safety.

Eliminate one of life's interruptions. Install a Milbank generator today and ensure an uninterrupted tomorrow.

Milbank 10kW Standby Generator


Milbank 15kW Standby Generator
Milbank 20kW Standby Generator
Milbank 500W Portable Generator  
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