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Hands-On Solar PV Installation Training

Hands-On Solar PV Installation Training
Installing Solar PV systems is pretty straightforward, but there are some key things you need to understand. The purpose of this training is to get you comfortable on the job-site of a solar PV project, so you can perform efficient, high-quality installations.

Course Overview - Watch this short overview to find out if this class is right for you.

Are you ready for this hands on installation course? Watch the video to find out!

WELCOME - Optional Pre-course Study Materials
You'll get more out of this hands-on experience if you have a basic idea of how solar works. These videos and resources are optional, but we recommend spending a few minutes with them before you show up for the training.

Part 1 - How to Install a Solar System

Part 2 - How to Attach a Rail, Ballasted, and Clamp Racking Solution to a Variety of Different Rood Surfaces

Part 3 - How to Attach Panels to Each Respective Racking System

Part 4 - All the Considerations for the Mechanical Side of a PV Installation