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Introduction to Solar

Introduction to Solar

During this overview, we will cover earning potential, financial incentives, design considerations
and how to effectively sell and install solar systems. Plus, you will learn how Munro's expertise
and value-add contractor services can simplify your entry into the solar business by avoiding
pitfalls and obstacles. Topics that will be covered are: How solar works Solar components
overview Judging feasibility of solar projects Overview of financial incentives Contractor value
proposition Contractor Practices Customer Value Proposition Munro Contractor Services
Why go solar now? Q&A Session


Introduction - Solar 101

Watch this short video for an overview of what the course is about. Click here to view

Part 1 - Judging Site Feasibility

Ready to learn about what makes a site perfect for a solar system?

Watch this video to learn how to identify a site for solar project. Click here to view

Part 2 - Types of Solar Panels

Everything you need to know about different types of solar panels

What this video to learn about the different types of solar panels and how to choose the right one. Click here to view

Part 3 - All About Inverters

Why do you need an inverter? What is the difference between alternating and direct current? Find out the answers to these questions and more!

Watch this video to become an inverter expert! Click here to view 


Part 4 - Solar Racking Solutions

This portion gives an overview of the 6 most common different types of solar racking systems: traditional/rail systems, ballasted, clamp, ground, carport, and tracking. This module outlines what each racking system is, what the cost advantages are, different applications, when and why you would use one system over another.

Watch this video to learn more! Click here to view


Part 5 - kW vs kWh 

Learn about the difference between KW and kWh, what the terms mean and how they apply to PV. This portion of the course also goes through 4 FAQs about snow load, wind load, walking on the panels, and how a solar system will effect roof life.

Watch this video to learn why the distinction between kW and kWh is so important. Click here to view


Part 6 - Top 5 Misconceptions about the solar industry

The myths and realities of the solar industry.

Watch this video to learn about the top five misconceptions in the solar industry Click here to view

Part 7 - Balance of System and Online Monitoring

Learn all about the balance of system materials and online monitoring for a solar system

Watch this video to learn more