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Large Arrays

Unirac Large Arrays start at 3 kilowatts, but their size is limited only by the size of your ground site or the structural strength of your flat roof.

U-LA aluminum or steel components merge with SolarMount rails and installer-supplied steel pipe (readily available) to form durable, rigid truss structures.

It's a cost-effective mounting solution that has grown with the vision of the PV industry. Today, U-LA customers routinely reap hundreds of kilowatts to megawatts per installation.  

Complete data sheet & material specifications



Every U-LA is diagonally braced for the most severe events. In 30 years, you'll find it where you installed it.


Lightweight aluminum components keep shipping costs low, a major consideration for this installation in the United Kingdom. Because assembly took place atop a high-rise, we also designed to accommodate a maximum allowable component length.



High-profile orientation maximizes module density at your site. Choose a tilt angle that suits your geographic location.

  Unirac custom designs U-LA for open, flat and tilted commercial roofs to large PV arrays to the degree which most off-the-shelf products cannot. Designs will optimize tilt angle and can provide clearance to assemble your array over other rooftop equipment.


  • Custom-designed arrays for ground or flat roof applications
  • Design software to ensure minimum attachments without overstressing any roof member
  • Optimal tilt angle and array clearance over other rooftop equipment
  • Accommodates uneven, rocky, sloping terrain or heavy coastal winds


  • Better alternative than designing from scratch
  • Lightweight components ship economically and combine easily with installer-supplied Schedule 40 or 80 steel pipe, available everywhere

Ease of installation

  • Uses SolarMount standard and HD (heavy duty) rails
  • Ready with design documentation and testing reports


  • Capable of withstanding Zone 4 seismic events or extreme wind or snow loads
  • Diagonally braced