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Electrical Distribution and Control


The LEED Green Building Rating System  - LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is a system of design, construction and operations practices that, at a minimum, meet specific standards to reduce negative impact of building on occupants and the environment


Top 10 Benefits of Commercial LED Lighting - This short promotional video highlights 10 benefits for a business that switches to commercial-scale LED lighting.

Five Tips for Selecting LED Lighting Systems - LED lighting retrofits can offer businesses two key benefits: some fixtures can deliver up to an 85 percent energy savings and the life span of LEDs average about 50,000 hours, reports Retrofit Magazine. But before making a decision on a retrofit, businesses first have to evaluate their current lighting layout and future requirements.


Lighting Energy Calculator - Use this Lighting Energy Calculator to identify the lighting control strategies that best match your energy savings goals for retrofit or new construction projects. Compare different control methods with pre-defined Lighting Control Measures to achieve additional maximum energy lighting savings.


Eaton's Pow-R-Command Family of Products can help you optimize energy performance, controllability of lighting systems and innovation in design credits as well as may help in gaining points towards LEED certification.   TOUR A LEED BUILDING