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Markets Served

Rexel Energy Solutions provides energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions for any application:

Federal, State & Municipal -
Lighting can account for up to 40% of all electricity used in a building and due to budget constraints, choosing the right lighting and equipment to lower energy consumption is imperative.



Commercial & Industrial - Sufficient lighting is essential for heavy manufacturing or even basic storage, and replacing existing lighting with energy efficienct lighting can dramatically reduce energy costs . Cutting costs here can directly affect the bottom line. Solar Solutions are becoming the norm rather than an exception for these facilities.  The solar array on our main warehouse has cut our energy bill by one- third and will pay for itself in five years. 


Retail & Restaurant
Retail applications vary from the large box stores to specialty boutiques but they all strive toward the same goal: maximize sales. Having worked with one of the largest mall property groups in the world, we are experts in choosing the most energy efficient lighting that can still highlight merchandise.

Hospitality -
It's a fine line between offering a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere in lobbies, corridors, guest and dining rooms, all while keeping energy costs low.


Healthcare - Healthcare facilities need to be able to provide bright quality light, maintain natural color and save energy at the same time. Since they operate non-stop, the interior lighting accounts for about 45%-50% of total electricity usage. A good lighting design plan or retrofit can cut costs for the facility and still provide a well-lit environment to patients and staff.

Institutional -
From universities and pre-schools to holding cells, today's institutions need to cut their operating budget. Our solutions help educators provide a safe environment so students and staff can concentrate on what matters most.  Classrooms, hallways, libraries, gymnasiums, cafeterias and cells all have different lighting needs and Munro can provide the right expertise and new product knowledge. 


Transportation -
Bridges, tunnels, interstates or any lonely stretch of highway all require proper lighting.  Whether it's new construction or a retrofit, RES has the experience to manage the project and provide all the materials you will need.