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Mechanical Energy Knowledge Center


Cost Savings with Energy-Efficient Motors 

This white paper covers characteristics that determine if a company will benefit financially from installing EE motors. It shows why EE motors are more efficient than standard motors and how these motors save companies money. It also provides sample calculations for quantifying
energy savings and paybacks.

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Cost Savings with Variable Frequency Drives

This white paper covers the disadvantages of typical flow control methods and
what characteristics qualify a company to switch over to VFDs. It shows how VFDs work and cut energy costs in centrifugal systems, as well as provides financial analysis for energy reduction, cost savings, and payback.

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Critical Reasons to Improve Your Power Factor

Capacitor and electronic means of power factor correction provide substantial benefits to electrical power systems. This white paper covers top benefits, including cost savings, increased load capacity, and more dependable voltage levels. It also gives a complete explanation of what power factor means and how utilities penalize facilities with low power factors.

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