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Metering And Verification Equipment

 Easy to install and maintenance-free, the Metering Solutions line is a complementary strategic addition to the Leviton lighting controls family. Leviton now offers solutions to meet all measurement & verification (M&V) based opportunities such as smart metering and LEED rating achievement. This positions Leviton as a single source solution by providing an integrated approach for tracking, monitoring, and verifying lighting consumption and implementing cost and carbon footprint reduction. With the addition of precise energy measurement and verification systems, Leviton customers have an integrated solution for achieving their sustainability goals and green building initiatives.

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Cost reduction and energy conservation are realistic goals that can be achieved with the industry leading line of E-Mon D-Mon submetering products.

Designed to install easily in new or retrofit applications, E-Mon D-Mon revenue grade meters gather money-saving data for tenants and departmental allocation, analysis of energy usage patterns to identify failing equipment and inefficiencies and metering and verification of facility conservation products.

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The eMonitor

  • Helps eliminate excessive energy spending
  • Provides a rapid Return on Investment


 The eMonitor connects to the circuit breaker panel with sensors that clamp around each circuit. In this way, all electricity uses in a business can be monitored.  The eMonitor transmits its data wirelessly from within the circuit breaker panel to the Gateway, which then sends the data over the facility's internet connection to the Powerhouse Dynamics servers. Supports monitoring of:

  • Single phase 120V/240V
  • Three phase 120V/208V and 277V/480V
  • Multiple circuit panels

An integrated programmable communicating thermostat (PCT) also connects to the eMonitor via WiFi and provides the ability to control temperature settings from the Dashboard to help reduce energy costs.


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