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NESEA Building 11

These are a few of the items we displayed at the recent Building Energy 11 show held in Boston during the month of March. 

We offer wholesale quantity discounts so please contact us for your preferred pricing.

Some of these items quailify for the NSTAR, National Grid and MassSave rebate programs. Please inquire.

Sylvania Fluorescent Lamp - FO28/841XP/SS/ECO 28W T8  4100K (NAED# 22179)        

Sylvania QHE 2X32T8/UNV ISL-SC (NAED #49863) Ballast - Quciktronic High-Efficiency

  • 2-lamp 32wT8 High Efficiency Instant Start electronic ballast, universal voltage
  • Height H (in) 1.1810
  • Length L (in) 9.4690
  • Width W (in) 1.6810
  • Parallel Circuit

LED Lamps

  • 25,000 to 50,000hr lifespan
  • Reduce energy consumption by 75%
  • Fully recyclable
  • No UV or IR emissions
  • Display lighting - Art galleries - Hotels - Offices - Libraries - Residential - Restaurants -  Retail - Supermarkets
  • LED lamps provide 100% illumination at start up and are flicker-free
  • They use existing socket specifications, so installation couldn't be easier
Induction Canopy Light - 40/80/120w -  Model HMI1313DU 13" x 13" Fixture  - Spec Sheet 
  • Die-Cast aluminum housing w/hinged front frame
  • Ultra-Long Life 100,000 hours rated average life
  • Crisp White Light 80+ CRI
  • Choice of color temperatures, 3K, 4K, or 5K
  • Wet Location / Made in USA  (Fall River, MA) Made in USA
  •  Eligible for CT Utility Company Rebates
Induction Canopy Light - 40/80/120w - Model HM1510DU 15" Round Induction Canopy Fixture - Spec Sheet
  • Die-Cast aluminum housing w/hinged front frame
  • Ultra-Long Life 100,000 hours rated average life
  • Crisp White Light 80+ CRI
  • Choice of color temperatures, 3K, 4K, or 5K
  • Wet Location / Made in USA  (Fall River, MA) Made in USA
  • Eligible for CT Utility Company Rebates   

Vandalproof Lighting Fixtures

Ideal for high abuse areas in public buildings, schools, condos, garages, parks and schools.


Halo LED Recessed Downlight for Retrofit or New Construction

Introducing the Halo 6 " LED Dimmable Recessed Downlight.  Simply the most cost effective and efficient LED Recessed Downlight on the market.  Available for Retrofit & New Construction.

  • 600 Series LED
  • Replacement for:65W BR30 / 18W CFL Luminaire
  • 460-725 lumens
  • 50,000 hour life 
  • 13.8w = 65w

RAB LED 2X10, 2X13, 2X20 Watt Ceiling Lights 

  • Flush mount fixture bracket
  • Die cast aluminum lens frame with tempered glass and double gasketing
  • Fully Shielded, Full Cutoff Optics
  • LED Light Engine life delivers 70% of rated lumens at 50,000 hours

RAB LED 10W, 13W, 20W Area Light 

  • Mounts easily to 10' & 15' high, 4" square, pre-drilled steel poles
  • Full Cutoff, Fully Shielded LED Wallpack
  • High Output LED Light Engine 
  •  Maintains 70% of its initial lumens at 50,000 hours
  • Weatherproof high temperature silicone gaskets
  • Superior Heat Sinking with Die Cast Aluminum Housing and External Fins






LED Site and Area Luiminaires

Crescent/Stonco offers two LED site and area fixtures to suit most applications. With a 60,000 hour lamp life, these luminaires offer long life with low maintenance. The Philips high-output light source delivers a CRI rating of 72 with distribution patterns of Type II, III and V.



RAB LFLOOD 13W Floodlights -  Click here to view wattages and styles

Bullet shape die cast aluminum flood with 13 watt LED High Performance Light Engine. Equivalent to 100W PAR Halogen. Comes with flood reflector installed. Optional spot reflector included for field installation.  LFLOOD 10W Bullet shape die cast aluminum flood with 10 watt LED Light Engine. Equivalent to 60W PAR Halogen. Comes with flood reflector installed. Optional spot reflector included for field installation. 


ValueLED WP Series and WPM Series WallPacks

Crescent/Stonco offers cost-effective traditional wallpack luminaires with high output LED sources. The WP and WPM have a 50,000 lamp life and an energy savings of 50%. These luminaires deliver high quality, glare-free white illumination with even, symmetrical light distribution at 4,000K for safety aand 


LytePro7 Architectural LED Wall Sconce

The all new LytePro7 Series wall-mounted luminaire from Stonco is less than half the size of traditional wall sconces but it delivers over twice the performance. LytePro7 is designed using high lumen output LED sources for maximum illumination and uniform distribution improving safety and security in perimeter lighting applications. Along with new installations, the LytePro7 is ideally suited as a replacement for existing high pressure sodium, compact fluorescent and incandescent luminaires. LytePro7's sturdy constructions and extended life can mean it will be the last fixture you will ever need to buy!  


Amerlux Contour Vertical 3x3 LED (CNTRV33)

Architecturally styled with a mix of soft curves and shape edges, Contour 3×3 offers high performance accent lighting for retail and supermarket displays. Delivering lumens equivalent to many 20w metal halide systems. Contour offers excellent beam control and aesthetics.  


Leviton Compact Fluorescent Ceiling Lampholders

  • 13w CFL = 60w incandescent
  • occupancy sensor
  • These are an energy-efficient alternative to incandescent fixtures
  • meet NFPA 70, NEC Section 410.16 requirement
  • Designed to reduce the risk of fire in closets, they are also ideal in garages, basements, utility rooms & attics.
  • Wall switch and pull chain also available.

Spectrum Lighting Infinium LED Surface Mount Acrylic Diffuser - Spec Sheet

Surface mounted LED opal acrylic series, LED module and driver are up-gradable and replacable, ADA compliant, Mounts directly to j-box, For wall or ceiling installation, Provides even illumination with no hot spots or shadows, 30-50,000 hours system life. 


Lutron Maestro Wireless Dimmers - Spec Sheet

They install like standard switches for retrofits but can be controlled from Picot wireless controls and lutron® Radio Powr Savrt sensors. local lighting controls are useful in locations where single circuits of lighting need to be dimmed or switched. Maestro Wireless dimmers incorporate advanced features such as fade on / fade off, long fade off, and rapid full on. 

Radio Powr Savr daylight sensor and occupancy/vacancy sensor - Spec Sheet

Adjusts lights based on the amount of available daylight.  Because no new wiring or power packs required, you save on labor and installation costs.  


Juno Lighting's AccuLite PL7 LED bollards - Spec Sheet

Designed with simplicity in mind. An unobtrusive straight cylinder design with a flat top and reduced 7" diameter make this bollard especially suited to deliver energy efficient lighting with minimum disruption to the landscape. The LED light source provides exceptionally long life and even illumination. Acculite LED engines carry a 3 year limited warranty. 


Electra LED Freezer Lamp -  Spec Sheet

LED engine and driver system engineered for maximum component life.  Greatly reduced energy, compresseor load, maintenance and total life cycle costs.  Engineered to replace standard T-12 and T-8 Fluorescent lamp fixtures. Latest generation LED components and optics. Lowest thermal heat signature possible.  Available in 24", 36", 48", 60" and 72" lengths. External power supply 120-277 VAC, Optional dimming available.  


Attic Breeze Solar Powered Ventilation

Attic Breeze offers the ideal ventilation solution for any commerical application. Manufactured using only the highest quality parts and materials, Attic Breeze products are designed to consistently deliver the quality performance you expect.  Made in USA.    


Solar Hot Water Systems

Solar thermal is one of the most cost-effective renewable energy systems. Solar thermal water heating systems collect the sun's energy in the form of thermal or heat energy.

In solar hot water systems, sunlight reduces the amount of electricity or gas required to heat your hot water supply, so it cuts your fuel bills

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