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Opsun Racking Systems
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The SunRail Concept

Opsun has developed a practical, low-cost mounting solution that maximizes performance and reliability on any roof or land. The SunRail is a patented aluminum extrusion that, combined with the patented SunJoint clamps, can be cut and assembled into any type of solar installation, of any size.

Aluminum Extrusion

The SunRail extrusion is used as the complete structure for Opsun's mounting system as well as Opsun's StructuralPV pre-assembled modules. The unique aluminum extrusion is delivered to the project site in lengths of up to 28 feet, where it can be conveniently cut by the installer to fit any system size.

Pre-cut beams are also available for certain standard setups. The SunRail extrusion provides exceptional strength for even the most heavy-duty projects, at a very competitive cost. In short, it is the 2X4 of the solar industry.


SunJoint Clamps

The SunJoint clamps are a small set of metal pieces with bolts and lock nuts that are used to rapidly and conveniently assemble the SunRail mounting system. The clamps only require a wrench and can be tightened with one hand to build a solid mounting structure for virtually any project type or size.

SunRail Lite

Lighter Extrusion-The key difference between Opsun's SunRail and SunRail Lite mounting solutions is that the latter uses a smaller, lighter extrusion that is more suitable for applications that do not require the strength and sturdiness of the original SunRail.

Highly Versatile- Like the original SunRail commercial flatroof mounting solution, Opsun's SunRail Lite was designed to fulfill the needs of just about any flush mount application possible, all with the same unique extrusion. The system is fully compatible with sheet metal, shingles, standing seams and much more.

Flexible Design- When realizing a solar project, choosing the most appropriate mounting system can be a challenge because most solutions on the market impose a certain panel configuration.

The SunRail Lite, on the other hand, is not restrictive and thus can suit any need. For example, roof attachments are totally independent of panel placement. This means no more headaches, added costs or performance issues.




Angle Adjustments Available- For projects that require seasonal tilt angle adjustments to maximize power production and alleviate snow issues, a Swivel Mount is available for the SunFarm.