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Power Quality Solutions

TCI offers a number of solutions that reduce or eliminate harmonic distortion, including line reactors, passive harmonic filters, and active harmonic filters. With proper application, these harmonic filters are used to meet the IEEE-519 specification on harmonics.


Causes of Harmonic Distortion
Non-linear loads are products that draw non-sinusoidal current from the distribution line. This non-sinusoidal current is derived from waveforms that combine the fundamental frequency with integral multiples of that frequency. The resulting harmonic distortion is a basic result of the operation of nonlinear loads. When these types of loads are a significant portion of an electrical system, harmonic distortion may begin to cause problems throughout the entire system.

Indicators of Harmonic Distortion

  • Poor Power Factor
  • Transformer and distribution equipment overheating
  • Random breaker tripping
  • Sensitive equipment failure
  • Voltage unbalance

The addition of a KDR Optimized Drive Reactor will limit the inrush current to the rectifier, rounding the waveform, reducing the peak currents and lowering the harmonic current distortion.
The HG7 not only limits current distortion to less than 7% TDD, it also improves true power factor. Multiple package options result in the right filter configuration for the application.
By actively monitoring the load current, the H5 determines the proper current waveform for injection into the system to maintain an acceptable level of harmonic distortion (TDD Reduction to 5% or better at Full Load).

Rex Power Magnetics' product line includes control transformers, machine tool transformers, all specialty type transformers, reactors, autotransformers, standard distribution type, and high voltage dry type power transformers up to 10MVA and 35,000 voltage class. Supported by considerable and sustained investment in research and development Rex Power Magnetics continuously expands its product offering and enhances existing products.


Line Reactors and Transient Filters

  • AC Line Reactors
  • AC Load Reactors
  • Motor Guarding Transient Filters
  • Air Core Reactors