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Rapid Rac

RapidRac Time Trial

In a recent time trial, a three-man crew using hand tools installed 3kW of RapidRac in 1 hour, or 1kW per man hour.  The electrical contractor crew had never installed RapidRac before and had only 30 minutes to review the installation manual.

Complete data sheet & material specifications


Minimal parts, faster installation, reduced labor expenses and versatility: all customer driven demands that helped engineer this unique flat roof solution.

It's accompanied by a technical support system that provides complete installation and code compliance documentation, an on-line Estimator and design assistance to help you solve the toughest challenges.


The RapidRac G10 was developed through significant computational fluid dynamics and wind tunnel engineering. The efficient design, built at a fixed 10 degree tilt angle, optimizes natural convective cooling of the modules and was designed to meet the requirements of current applicable building codes. UniRac offers an attachment option for the RapidRac G10, the RapidFoot, which can be used for seismic restraint and for ballast trade off, allowing for a reduction in roof dead load.

Speed of Installation

  • Significantly reduce installation time
  • Installs in less than half the time of competitive products
  • Installation guide is only 4 pages


  • Requires only 7 parts to install
  • Only 1 wrench required 


  • Price per watt is competitively priced
  • Estimated labor savings of up to $10k on 250kw project  * based on average 200W panel and optimum design configuration

Versatility and Choice

  • Offers freedom and flexibility to accommodate majority of PV modules
  • Flexibility of design to meet all weight, height and wide range of wind conditions
  • Offers trade-off versatility between penetrations and roof load
  • Can be installed as light as 2lb/ft2 with many penetrations, or may be installed with zero penetrations (with higher roof loading)