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Raychem Pipe Heating
We offer the leading electric heating solutions for industrial, commercial and residential snow melting and roof & gutter de-icing applications. Our snow melting product line can decrease slip and fall liability for building owners while our de-icing products prevent formation of ice dams on roof edges which can fall off buildings and hurt passers-by.

Raychem roof & gutter de-icing systems offer a better way to help prevent ice dams and icicles. With its self-regulating heating cable, Raychem systems provide a continuous drain path for melted ice and snow from the roof through the gutter and downspout. Versatile, reliable, energy-saving, and cost-effective, these systems are the effective answer for roof and gutter de-icing applications.

Raychem Pre-assembled heating cable - Available in variety of different lengths:
500' -  100' -  75' - 50' -  24' - 18' - 12' -  6'

Fast, easy to install. Thanks to their self-regulating, parallel-circuit design, Raychem heating cables require no complex installation procedures. They can be straight-traced, spiraled, or overlapped. On the job, you can cut them to the exact length needed and splice or tee them, adapting each heating-cable.

Reliable performance. Raychem heating cables provide years of reliable performance, so you're not bothered by breakdowns or callbacks. They will protect against freezing this winter and for many winters to come.

Designed flexibility. Hardwire them or plug them in. With two options of power connection kits, the choice is yours. There's even a preassembled heating cable available in convenient lengths to handle small jobs fast.

Convenient and economical. For larger jobs, you can simply cut the exact amount of heating cable you need right from the reel. No more wasted heating cable or extra trips to the supply house, because you always have the right size with you.

Safe on plastic pipes. Raychem heating cables can be used on plastic as well as metal pipes. Their self-regulating heating core adjusts automatically, to protect against overheating or developing hot spots when overlapped or covered with insulation.

Energy-efficient. Raychem heating cables' self-regulating core generates heat when and where it's needed. The core continuously adjusts its heat output to the environment at every point along the heating cable, thus reducing the overall energy cost for the season.