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These are just a few of the energy efficient facility solutions we had on display at the NSTAR/ National Grid Energy Efficiency Expo.

Most of these items are eligible of the MASS SAVE rebate program.

Our energy efficiency specialists can perform a free lighting site audit and can generate an ROI report.  You have nothing to lose and thousands to save on your utility bill    

Stairwell Retrofit Solution
 A simple, energy-saving lighting fixture and control solution

New! Energy-saving lighting fixture for stairwells utilizes a Lutron digital dimming ballast preprogrammed to occupied and unoccupied light levels.

This Stairwell Retrofit Fixture when combined with Radio Powr Savr™ occupancy sensors, can save over 80% of lighting energy usage and meet building codes and standards

Features: Utilizes a Lutron digital dimming ballast preprogrammed to occupied and unoccupied levels.

Receives signal from Radio Powr Savr™ wireless occupancy sensors (sold separately) via Lutron reliable Clear Connect™ RF technology.

  • Fixture options: • 4, 3, or 2 feet; 1 or 2 lamps
  • Lamp options – T8, T5-HE and T5-HO • 120/277V
  • Surface mount on wall or ceiling
  • Optional emergency ballast battery back-up available
  • LED lamp options coming soon
  • StairwellRetrofit_Brochure.pdf
 LED Fixtures
           MaxLite 40 Watt LED Wall Pack
  • Universal 120 - 277 Volt
  • Heavy-Duty Cast Aluminum Housing with Shatterproof Glass Lens
  • 2000 Lumens
  • 5000K White LED Light

Perfect Choice for Security Lighting, Lighting Pathways and General Area Lighting


LED 1x1 Garage Surface Mount

  • Heavy-duty cast aluminum one-piece housing; rust and corrosion poof.
  • Fixture is sealed to be dirt and bug proof
  • Lens: High quality shock-proof poly carbonate, with UV inhibitors added/or shatterproof glass on wallpacks
  • LED Module: Aluminum components in the LED module act as heat sinks to reduce heat and add to life. The module uses directional settings to control the fall of light and the light levels. This makes the fixture an efficient replacement for metal halide and high pressure sodium fixtures, while reducing wattage and extending life.
  • LED Driver: Self contained driver meets UL 1310 UL 48 Class2
  • Dark Bronze finish is epoxy coated.
  • Can mount to recessed outlet box or direct to surface.

A New Standard in Commercial Lighting.

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CREE LED 2 x 4 troffer

More affordable than comparable fluorescent options, CR24 fixtures deliver higher-quality light, longer life and greater energy savings.

  • The CR24 troffer is designed to deliver an optimal amount of light with typical luminaire spacing.
  • Utilizes Cree TrueWhite® Technology Room-side Heat Sink
  • Made in US
  • Efficacy: 90-110 CRI 90
  • LPW Delivered Light Output: 44 w4000 (90LPW)
  • Warranty: 5 Years Lifetime
  • Designed to last minimum 50,000 hours
  • Dimming: Step Level to 50%
 Typical applications for LED fixtures: Hotels, Garages, Commercial Buildings, Public areas, Schools & Hospitals.





Halo LED Dimmable Recessed Downlight  

Designed for use in the commercial or residential applications, retrofit applications with a screw-in Edison base adapter (included) for use in existing housings OR may be used in new construction with the LED dedicated Non-IC housing Series. The optical design provides superior cutoff, low glare and a projected LED life of 50,000 hours (20 years when used 6 hours a day).

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RAB LED Fixtures

Wallpacks, Area Lights, Step, Pole Lamps, Flood Lamps & Sensor Fixtures 

We can help you with design!

  • Full Cutoff, Fully Shielded LED Wallpack
  • High Output LED Light Engine
  • Maintains 70% of its initial lumens at 50,000 hours
  • Weatherproof high temperature silicone gaskets
  • Superior Heat Sinking with Die Cast Aluminum Housing & External Fins

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Induction Lighting  

We have supplied hundreds of induction fixtures to facilities, retail chains, facility managers and municipalities. Projects have included City Street Lighting, Car Dealerships, Parking Areas, Restaurants, Box Retail Stores and Fitness Facilities just to name a few.

Most applications include swapping

  • 150w High Pressue Sodium street lights with 80w induction
  • 400w metal halide outdoor fixtures with 200w induction
  • 250w traditional wall packs with 120w induction
  • 320w pulse start with 150w induction

In many cases the projects have resulted in a 50% energy reduction and an increase in the quality of light.

Click here for case studies and our complete line of induction lighting

 Fluorescent Retrofit Kits  
  • Deliver superior lighting with easy installation
  • RiteFit kits are perfect for municipalites, office spaces, classrooms, hospitals, and many other commercial locations.
  • Proudly Designed & Made in the USA

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Vending Machine & Cooler Energy Savers

Join the thousands of corporations, colleges and universities, school districts, government facilities, retail stores and hospitality properties that conserve energy cost and preserve the environment with our line of energy control products for cold beverage and snack vending machines and other electronic devices.

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Fluorescent Ceiling Fixutre

Fluorescent lighting is the energy-efficient alternative to incandescent fixtures.

  • 13watt comparable to 60watts!
  • Lowest price occupancy sensor on the market!
  • Turns Lights ON/OFF Automatically
  • Click here for more info


 LED Lamps

We carry the most cost effective and proven quaility LED lamps from only name brand companies.

  • Don't be lured in by cheap pricing on imitations
  • 25,000 to 50,000hr lifespan
  • Reduce energy consumption by 75%
  • Fully recyclable
  • No UV or IR emissions
  • LED lamps provide 100% illumination at start up and are flicker-free

Residential, Retail, Art galleries, Hotels, Offices, Libraries, Restaurants,Supermarkets

Click here for our complete line of LED lighting.

Cooler & Freezer LED Fixtures  

If your facility has freezers or coolers you need these!

  • Dimmable
  • Tremendous energy savings over T12 lamps
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 Commercial Skylights  

Artificial lighting is one of the largest sources of energy consumption in commercial and industrial applications. On average, artificial lighting accounts for 40% of the building's total energy. Daylighting through the roofs of commercial buildings provides many benefits that no other light source can offer. In most cases, your customer can expect the cost of skylights to be paid back in less than two years. This is because high visible light transmittance VELUX acrylic skylights allow artificial lighting to be turned off on average of 70% - 80% of the time