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Solar Estimator

You can use this solar estimator to give you an idea of the savings a solar system can offer. The cost of a solar system is greatly reduced by state rebates, federal tax incentives and other considerations which are not reflected by this estimator. There is no need to fill in the Free Quote section of the Estimator below.  Just click the box on the right discover how easy it is to switch to solar! 



1. Locate Your Property

  • Use the Address Search 
  • Then drag the map and zoom in/out until you're above the property.

2. Click Corners of Roof

  • Click a point to create the first corner.
  • Continue to click other corners to form your array.
  • When finished, re-click the first corner to close it off.

3. Determine Orientation

  • Drag the end of the red slope line to the bottom of the roof. (For flat roofs - leave at due south)

4. Select Roof Pitch or Tilt

  • Guesstimate your pitch using the slider - mid 20 degrees is typical.
  • Do not fill in the Free Quote section of the Estimator, please email us for a free solar evaluation