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Solar Referral Program

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2013 Solar Referral Program  

Referring friends, family, colleagues or clients who may be interested in installing a solar system is a great way to help the environment, and make money!

Munro Distributing is pleased to offer you a referral fee for every pre-qualified referral that goes solar with us! Fill out our quick online form below, and if the referral ends up in a completed sale, we will give you a reward when the referred PV system is installed and paid for by the customer based on the following breakdown:

Residential Referral  
2 - 15 kW system $300
Commercial Referral  
15 - 75 kW system $500
76 - 250 kW system $1,500
251 - 500 kW system $3,500
501+ kW system $5,000
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