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Solar Thermal Solutions

Solar thermal is one of the most cost-effective renewable energy systems. Solar thermal water heating systems collect the sun's energy in the form of thermal or heat energy.  In solar hot water systems, sunlight reduces the amount of electricity or gas required to heat your hot water supply, so it cuts your fuel bills.

We offer solar thermal training courses so you can learn all about thetechnology, rebates and installation so you can offer the best solutions to your customers. We can also design a system and supply you with all the components you will need to install an efficient system. 

Commonwealth Solar Hot Water Program Fact Sheet

Solar Thermal Panels

We carry components specifcally designed for solar thermal systems so you can be sure the system you are installing is efficient and cost effective. Click the links below for more on racking, modules and piping for solar thermal systems.



PV Thermal Solar

Solar Thermal Modules Velux Solar Thermal Collectors   Racking Solutions  Piping Systems

We will be hosting a solar thermal seminar to teach interested parties about solar thermal technology and installation. Dates and times TBD.