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Variable Speed Drives
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Adjustable frequency drives (also known as variable frequency drives) adjust a motor's speed to closely match output requirements, resulting in a typical energy savings of 10 to 50 percent. These products also qualify for LEED credits.  Contact us today to discover how we can help!





Your application might call for an ultra-compact solution, clean power or future configurability. Whether it is a standard product from the catalog or a custom enclosed VFD solution, Eaton delivers. Eaton drives are specifically designed for industrial, HVAC, water/wastewater treatment, machinery OEM and other application demands. So, whether you're designing a new industrial complex, renovating an existing structure or developing a new machine, trust Eaton with the right product for your application.

Contact us today to learn more about Eaton's variable speed drives.

900X Series

  • Modular design with common control components
  • 208-690V
  • Bright alphanumeric LCD (liquid crystal display)
  • Seven built-in software applications
  • Advanced PC tools for commissioning, upgrading and customization
  • 1 to 1000+ hp


H-Max Series

  • Industry-leading active energy control algorithm
  • Built-in communications (ModusT, BACnetT, N2, BACnet IP, Modbus TCP) 
  • Integrated DC link choke
  • Real-time clock
  • Graphical display
  • 230–480V
  • 1 to 250 hp

M-Max Series

  • Simple programming and navigation
  • Compact space-saving units and installation
  • Rugged and reliable design
  • Ultra energy efficient
  • Global acceptance
  • 120-575V (single- and three-phase units)
  • 1/4 to 10 hp



  • Extremely compact
  • Simple operation and commissioning
  • 120–230V (single- and three-phase)
  • High overload (150% rating for 1 minute)
  • 1/4 to 2 hp

Baldor V*S Drives are designed to define quality, reliability and performance by offering easy-to-use interfaces, intuitive programming and the capability to meet any application need. Need assistance figuring out which drive is best for your project?  Contact us!

Baldor V*S Drives are grouped into the 3 following categories to provide functionality and performance:


High Performance Drives
No other drives on the market can offer you the user-friendly approach or consistent performance of the Baldor V*S High Performance AC drives-no matter what voltage, power rating, or performance level your application demands. With their powerful processor and advanced design features, these drives assure you control to the highest power.                           


Pump and Fan Drives:
The Baldor V*S Drives VS1PF is a feature rich AC drive targeted at the pump and fan markets but with functionality that rivals more sophisticated general purpose products. The VS1PF provides ability to gain traditional energy savings achieved by controlling centrifugal loads with a variable frequency drive while implementing unique algorithms that further reduce energy consumed by your application.


Competitive in price, and compact, the Baldor V*S Microdrives features user-friendly interfaces and design elements that assure consistent motor control throughout a wide range of voltages, horsepowers, and enclosure types. Ranging from 1/2 to 60 horsepower stock ratings, these performance-proven microdrives are well suited for a wide range of applications.


Cooling Tower Direct Drive Motor and Variable Speed Drive
Baldor offers the power dense energy efficient technology of the RPM AC motor with permanent magnet (PM) rotor technology to provide a direct drive motor for cooling tower applications. This motor is designed to replace conventional mechanical gear or belt drive speed reduction designs and provides the additional energy savings advantages of a variable speed control with the new VS1CTD cooling tower PM drive. The VS1CTD software is design exclusively to operate the Baldor PM cooling tower motor for un-paralleled efficiency, reliability and ease of set-up.



ABB drives brings together a world leading and recognised brand - ABB - the number one supplier for variable speed drives and a product range that is simply the widest available from any manufacturer. ABB drives is a reference for drives users the world over that signifies reliability, simplicity, flexibility and ingenuity, throughout the lifecycle of a drive.

Low voltage AC drives
AC drive technology extends the motor speed range from
zero to high above the rated speed, increasing the productivity of the driven process. When a low capacity is enough, the drive reduces the machine speed and saves energy.         

 Medium Voltage AC Drives
ABB is a leading international supplier of medium voltage AC drives in the range of 250 kW to more than 100 MW.
ABB supplies medium voltage variable speed drives for a wide range of applications in the cement, mining and minerals; power; water; metals; marine and chemical, oil and gas industries. They are used to adapt the motor speed to the actual need, thus optimizing energy consumption and reducing CO2 emissions.  
DC Drives
DC drives continue to be an attractive alternative for machine suppliers. The modern DC converters is easy to operate, compact and low in maintenance.DC Drives can be used in most industrial applications as well as for the modernization of old plants. We offers the complete portfolio of three-phase DC drives - from 9 kW (12 Hp) up to 18 MW (24 000 Hp). ABB DC drives are available directly from ABB or through valued ABB Drives partners.

 Motortronics manufactures one of the broadest ranges of product available on the market today. Low voltage controls range from 200 to 600VAC @ 3 - 2000HP (up to 1500kW) and medium voltage soft starters range from 2300V to 15kV @ 200 - 15000HP (up to 12,000kW). In addition to having a complete line of solid state soft starters
  •  ME2 Series: Micro AC Drive
  • VCM Series: V/f and Sensorless Vector Drive

  • MT Series: High Performance AC Drive