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Munro University

 Munro Four Pics Smart choices for a sustainable future

Munro Distributing Company is a forward-thinking purveyor of electrical, conservation and renewable energy solutions. For six decades and three generations, we have leveraged our expertise, buying power and value-add philosophy to deliver exceptional products and services to our National Account, Contractor, ESCO and Utility patrons nationwide.

Munro University is an online portal for trainings and informational resources. This training platform consists of new and existing product trainings, sales and business advice and strategies, information on incentives, utility programs and regulations and much more!

Training Courses

Introduction to Solar

This course is a basic introduction to solar. The course will cover earning potential, financial incentives, design considerations and how to effectively sell and install solar systems.


Rhode Island Solar Incentives Course

During this overview, we will cover financial breakdowns, including what state incentives. rebates and credits are available to help pay for solar.

MA Residential Incentives

Learn all of the state and federal level incentives that make buying a residential PV system bankable, affordable, and profitable.

Selling Solar

Learn how to position your business to benefit from the fastest growing industry and how to effectively sell solar systems.

Hands-On Solar PV Installation Training

Hands-on-solar PV training for contractors, installers, and project managers. Gets you comfortable on the job-site of a solar PV projects, so you can perform efficient, high-quality installations